Book a Court Installation Update

The Doutta Galla Tennis Club has been preparing to install the new gate access system, which is linked with Tennis Australia’s online court booking software ‘Book a Court’. This has
now occurred. The online system will be the new way for members and casual players to book courts at the club.

To be able to book, you will need to register with Book a Court. Over the next week or so you will receive an invitation to register via email.

Please ensure you register using the link in the invitation as this is how the system will recognise you as a member and ensure you can access the lights and receive the members price for using the lights as per normal.

Booking the courts will be essential for members and a new process none of us are used too! However, doing so will ensure that especially at night you don’t turn up and have a clash with another booking if you haven’t done so! Booking a court during the day must be done as well.

Booking a court for use with lights at night time now means that instead of leaving money you simply pay online. Day time bookings ensure that you have reserved the court only and do not need to pay anything as per normal.

Members can still use keys to enter through front door the only difference is for use of the lights; the PIN you receive must be entered into the keypad at the gate to activate the lights. You will receive this PIN via text message.

In the meantime, you can access the club as per normal and the lights key will be inside the old switchboard. The lights can be accessed by turning the appropriate court to manual on the board. Please replace the key into old switchboard box once done. Once the system goes LIVE the court switches will be placed in automatic mode.

If you have any issues please contact Aaron on 0407 885 012.


Juniors Autumn 2019 Season Finals Update

The NSJTA Autumn season wrapped up recently and the Club’s teams had a very successful year.

The D Grade 1 team, consisting of Saskia, Joshua, Oren and Tomo won their grand final.

The C Special 2 team, consisting of Dylan, Finley, Lachlan and Lawrence, fought hard but lost their grand final.

The C Grade 2 team, consisting of Adam, Billy, Connor, Deepak and Kai, won their grand final after drawing on games and winning on sets 4 to 2 in a very rain affected match.

The A Reserve 3 team, consisting of Emily, Elanor, Paramita, Divya, Marie, Campbell, Joshua, James and with Nikola filling in, won their grand final.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all of the players for playing this season. Thanks to the Club Coach Anthony Guccione who supports the players throughout the season. Special thanks to all of the parents who helped organise the junior competition throughout the season.

New Book a Court System to be installed in July

In exciting news for the Doutta Galla Tennis Club we will soon be installing a new gate access system, which is linked with Tennis Australia’s online court booking software ‘Book a Court’. The system is currently in the process of being installed – you may notice a new black gate on the right-hand side of the clubhouse.

The system will allow both members and casual players to access the venue using their own access PIN, whenever they have a valid booking. The system will also ensure lights automatically turn on for night bookings.

While there will be some changes to how you currently enter the venue, we believe the introduction of this system will be of great benefit to our members and the club:

  • The main changes members will see is that whenever you come to the club for a social hit you will need to have booked the court you wish to play on.
  • During the daytime you will access the club by arriving to the club, entering the PIN you receive online when you book the court and then you will enter as per normal through the front door.
  • During the nighttime you will book the court and when you arrive enter your PIN for the lights to turn on and then enter via the front door.
  • This means your court is pre-booked when you arrive at the club.
  • If you have a visitor or guest, you can pay visitors fee online too!

The system also allows us to open our venue to casual players, which is a great opportunity to grow our club’s revenue to reinvest back into the club’s facilities, programs and members.

In order to book you will need to register with Book a Court, over the weeks you will receive an invitation to register via email. Please ensure you register using the link in the invitation, as this is how the system will recognize you as a member and ensure you receive member access and club pricing for use of lights.

We estimate the installation will take place on July 8th with the system going live sometime after this. Further details will be provided closer to installation on how you will access and book your courts.

Also, further communication will be sent out to team captains especially, night team captions on how the book a court system & lights will need to be amended in cases of finishing early, washouts and forfeits.

We appreciate your support and if you have any questions or require assistance you are welcome to contact us via Email at, the President Aaron Sharpe on 0407 885 012 or the Secretary Tim Benton on 0415 403 237.

Club Championships Survey

The Doutta Galla Club Championships have been a big success over the years and last year the club saw the re-introduction of the Women’s Open Singles for the first time in a long time. This hadn’t been played for almost 10 years due to insufficient numbers.

As a Committee we would like to continue to see the Club Championships grow to be bigger and better than ever. To do that we are inviting the members to provide feedback on a wide range of things including the format of matches, timing throughout the year and even the prizes at the end.

If you would like to give the Committee feedback on how you would like the Club Championships to be run this year, please click on the link here and provide your feedback by insert date here:

The information will be collected and used to make 2019 the best year yet!

Annual General Meeting this Sunday 16th June

The Club’s Annual General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 16th June at 7:30pm at the Club house.

All Members are welcome to attend – the Committee will have an update on our new Lights, Court Booking System and and update on the future. This includes due dates and the expected installation plan. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

In addition to these main points, the Meeting will involve a summary of the year within the Club as well as any other business for the coming year. The Committee as well as office bearers for the 2019 / 2020 year will also be nominated.

All Members are welcome to attend the AGM. If any Members are unable to attend and wish for a topic to be discussed, you are welcome to send the Club an Email and we will place your topic on the agenda.

NSNTA Autumn 2019 Finals Update

The Club has three teams playing in Semi Finals this week in the NSNTA Competitions:

  • B Special 2 Tuesday Night Ladies team play Corpus Christi at Buckley Park
  • C Reserve 3 Tuesday Night Ladies team play Taylor’s Lakes at Tullamarine
  • B Special 4 Thursday Night Mens team play OLN at Royal Park

Good luck to all teams in their upcoming finals.

Thanks to all teams who didn’t make the finals for playing this season.

Spring 2019 Season Team Entries Due Soon

The Teams for the upcoming Spring Season are due soon and team entries are now open.

If you are interested in playing next season please notify the Selection Committee by writing your name on the Sign Up Sheets in the Club House or by sending the Club and Email with your details.

Players interested in playing in the NSNTA Competitions in Spring must notify the Selection Committee by Monday 10th June.

Changes are coming to the Club

Before the end of June there are going to be two very significant changes at the Doutta Galla Tennis Club. The Club was recently successful in applying for grants from Sport Australia and the Moonee Valley City Council and the Club will receive:

  • An upgrade of the Court Lights to use LED Lights. These will be retrofitted to the existing poles.
  • The installation of the Tennis Australia Book a Court System.

The Book a Court System is an initiative of Tennis Australia that allows members of the public to book a court at the Club to play on. Payment is processed online and access to the Club is granted through a supplied Code.
The Code is entered on a Key Pad that will be placed on a new gate that will be installed on the right of the Clubhouse as you enter.

What does this mean for Members?

There will be some unavoidable changes for Members when using the Club:

  • When Members wish to access the court for a social hit will need to go online and book a court. If a booking is made during the evening a fee will be required during the booking process for the lights and a Code will be issued via Email to access the lights.
    This is required to avoid clashes and to inform members of the availability of the courts.
  • Coaching and Competition times will be blocked out, no bookings will be accepted for these times.
  • Members will still be able to use their existing keys to enter the club. However if the lights are to be used the issued Code must be entered on the Key Pad to activate the lights.
  • For those playing night competition a Code will be issued for the entire Club to activate the lights during the defined period. If this PIN is not entered the lights will not activate.

There will be more information and training available over the coming months and the Club aiming to make this process as straight forward as possible.

Why the change?

The Book a Court System was an integral part of helping the Club to receive the Grant for the new LED Lights. The electricity and maintenance cost savings with the LED Lights will be significant for the Club.

The Club is looking to be more inclusive and to be more involved in the community – allowing members of the public access the Courts and to hopefully increase our Membership is a big part of that in addition to other initiatives by the Committee such as the Club’s Open Day. The Book a Court System is being implemented across Australia, Victoria and is being offered to all Clubs within the Moonee Valley City Council by the Council.

New Features at the Club

In the past week the Committee has been hard at work performing some maintenance at the Club:

New Screen Door

A screen door has been installed on the front door of the Club for added security and to keep the bugs out.

New Nets and Baggers

New nets have been installed on Courts 1 and 2 and Court 1’s net has been moved to Court 3. The Club has also purchased a few new baggers to help spread the sand around the courts.

A reminder to please never lean on the net as this damages the nets and poles and shortens the lifespan of the nets.

New LED Lights and Book a Court

Also stay tuned in the next few weeks about the new brighter LED Lights and Book a Court System which is due to be installed at the Club over the coming months.

Club Championships 2018 Results

The Club Championships for 2018 have been completed and congratulations to the following winners in the finals:

  • Ladies Singles: Ashley Mann def. Eleanor Ragg (6-2 6-2)
  • Mens Singles: Warren Peters def. Will Egan (7-6 6-2)
  • Girls Singles: Eleanor Ragg def. Paramita Sharma (8-0)
  • Boys Singles: Josh McCrohon def. Campbell Goring (8-4)
  • Ladies Doubles: Sophie McCann & Karen Relf def. Ashley Mann & Annette Mann def. (8-5)
  • Mixed Doubles: Ashley Mann & Andrew White def. Annette Mann & Ben White
  • Mens Doubles: Aaron Sharpe & Warren Peters def. Trevor Peters & Ben White (8-4)
  • Mixed Junior Doubles: Divya Subramanian & Josh McCrohon def Eleanor Ragg & James Ragg (8-2)
  • Boys Doubles: Finley Howland & George Sheedurmina def Billy Dimopoulos & Josh McCrohon (8-5)

Visit the Draws and Schedules page for the full results.

Thanks to all players for playing.