The Doutta Galla Tennis Club’s Committee

The 2018/2019 Committee

President: Aaron Sharpe

Vice President: Anthony Guccione

Secretary: Tim Benton

Treasurer: Kathryn Glass

Assistant Secretary: Kathy Glass

General Committee

Aaron Sharpe, Anthony Guccione, Dianne Linforth, Kathryn Glass, Kathy Glass, John O’Rielly, Steven Linforth & Tim Benton.

Selection Committee

Aaron Sharpe, Warrren Peters, Trevor Peters, Steven Linforth, Tim Benton & Kathryn Glass.

Junior Selection Committee

Aaron Sharpe & Anthony Guccione.

Governance and Integrity Committee

Kathryn Glass, Aaron Sharpe, Tim Benton and Anthony Guccione.

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) – Aaron Sharpe