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To view a list of the upcoming Events at the Doutta Galla Tennis Club please visit our Events Calendar.

The following are examples of Events held by the Doutta Galla Tennis Club.

Club Championships

Occur in September. It’s a fantastic event, which allows members to interact over several weeks. You can enter into the club championships just by noting your name against the event listings provided at the club. The club champions have their names engraved on a memorial board that is displayed inside the clubhouse.

Christmas Party

Join your fellow members at the Doutta Galla Annual Christmas Party at the Club House each year provided by the Committee to celebrate a great year of tennis. All Members are welcome.

Working Bee

The members of Doutta Galla undertake clubhouse & court maintenance.  This is the chance for all members to receive a refund on their maintenance levy from their yearly subscription. Working Bees are performed twice yearly and we perform basic maintenance on the courts, clubhouse & surrounding areas. Dates will be displayed on the main white board inside the clubhouse when these are to take place.