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Guide to Competition

Night Tennis Competition

  • Tuesday nights – Ladies ONLY teams play from 7pm
  • Wednesday nights – Mixed teams play from 7pm
  • Thursday – Ladies teams play from 10am
  • Thursday nights – Men’s ONLY teams play from 7pm
  • Saturday afternoon – Mixed teams play from 1pm

Team Setup & Costs

About 3 months before the season starts team entries are due – Your team captain provides the information through the club notice board or through the club secretary.

If it’s the first time you have submitted entries for a team your team captain will be notified by the delegate of your allocated grade and the start date.

About a week before competition starts your captain will be contacted by the secretary to pick up the required paperwork and tennis balls to start competition.

Home Games

Each team member is expected to bring a plate of food to share and 1 person along with that enough milk for your team and your opponents. Some teams organise that 1 person supplies the food and drinks for the entire team, which will be advised by the team captain.

The club will ensure your captain has club access before your team arrives, as we generally have coaching on before play or you have two teams as home, it’s likely your captain will not require their key.

Arrive approx. 6:45pm to prepare courts, check the net heights (there is a stick to use for measurement where the line brooms are kept) & club house which entails sweeping the court lines, turning on the lights if needed (key located behind the door leading out to the toilets, top right hand corner and light box located in the hallway near the men’s toilets) and setting up the tables, chairs, hot water, coffee/tea, plates, cups etc.

There is a key hanging in the club house that opens up the court 3 gate and the bowling green gate. These are generally opened up before play in case balls need to be fetched and to make it easier navigating through the courts when other teams are playing. The key is located near the top right corner of the door leading out to the courts.

There are metallic court scorers kept in the bottom draw of the kitchen, these can be used on the court net posts to help you keep score throughout play.

The team captain will write out the team sheet for that day. Team sheets and tennis balls will be provided to you before your first match as mentioned above.


Court Allocation

We generally have 2 teams playing at home, so that means you share courts.
Between the two captains they decide who takes the first share this can be either on a rotating schedule so its shared or the first share goes to the team that has all players arrive from both home and away teams.

The team that gets the first share plays the first 4 sets and then reverts to just 1 court.

The team that misses out on the share plays their first 2 sets on 1 court sequentially and then gets access to two courts so you generally end up finishing about the same time.

End of play

At the end of play all courts are swept and you have supper or afternoon tea with your opponents.

At the end of the night you clean up the clubhouse by doing dishes and sweeping etc.

If playing night tennis the results will have to submitted via the winning party online via website, when you are playing finals the results need to be called in. However all this information is provided to you on the website or in your pamphlet which is given to your captain before you start the season.
Maximum end time is usually 10:30pm if not earlier.

If you are the last to leave the club house, please ensure:

  • The court lights are switched off.
  • The floor is swept, especially after competition play.
  • The fridges are closed / locked.
  • The oven has been switched off.
  • The Wall Urn is switched off.
  • All doors and outside gates are locked, including doors to the rear of the club & the doors that allow access to the courts.


Just in case its ever needed the court has a first aid kit that is located under the kitchen sink, along with icepacks in the freezer and there is a defibrillator located near the club entrance.

Away Games

Arrive approx. 6:55pm ready to play.

The team captain fills out their section of the team sheet for that night which the other team provides

In night tennis you play 3 sets each – 1 set with each one of your team members.

At the end of play you can help your opponent’s sweep the courts if required and you have supper which they provide.

Other Information and Notes

  • All Players are to pay a $5 fee per match if the match has commenced, that the captain collects and provides to the treasurer. This is to provide for the cost of balls and lights. Money can be provided by putting it in the box at the club or transferring the money directly into our accounts.
  • All players must be a Doutta Galla member to play competition. Memberships are a yearly fee, if you are only planning to play 1 season (6 months) please contact the Treasurer ( to work out an appropriate payment.
    Once the treasurer has your form she will contact you separately to go through the process.
  • In relation to the competition rules and regulations due to the frequent changes please refer to the relevant Association’s website for more information. Please visit the Competition page for details.