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Club History

The Doutta Galla Tennis Club originally started of a a part of “The Doutta Galla Club”, which included both the Doutta Galla Tennis and Bowling Clubs.

Sometime around the early 1940’s the club pavillion was built and the tennis members were separated from the bowling club. While it is not entirely clear how and why this occured, both groups separated and formed the two individual clubs that exist today.

To view the Club’s Honour Board, visit the Honours page.

To view the winners of previous Club Championships, visit the Club Champs page.

The Doutta Galla Tennis Club has since held a consistent membership base over the years and prides itself on being a very closely knit and family oriented club. Doutta Galla has had, and continues to have, a strong representation of families join the club, which provides the backbone of our club with strong junior development. Some families make up entire teams. However, new members and families are always welcome to join in the fun of competitive or social tennis.

Rated as a small to mid sized club, Doutta Galla has consistently fielded strong and competitive teams for many years and has been very successful during this time. We pride ourselves on our achievements, while never letting serious competition get in the way of our entertainment.

In the early 2000’s, the Club constructed its first website, and was one of the first clubs in the area to move into the 21st century. This is the second major iteration of the, launched in 2006.

In January 2004, two of our long standing En Tout Cas courts were replaced with state of the art Poly Clay courts.

In 2006 our Annual Doutta Galla Club Championships was taken online, with all the draws and schedules were digitised and placed on special Club Championships Mini Sites. A first for an Australian Tennis Club (to our knowledge). In an event that saw record participation numbers, as well as record number of spectators, the move was a complete success.

In early 2007, our remaining Modified Grass court will be replaced with a Poly Clay court.

In 2009 the club has re-affiliated itself with Tennis Victoria for the first time in many years to benefit the club.