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Court Unavailability and Projects Update

Due to works being conducted on the foundations of the Club’s light poles this weekend, all three courts will be UNAVAILABLE FOR USE from the following dates – Morning of Friday the 22nd of August until the afternoon of Monday the 24th of August.

However, at this stage while juniors are scheduled to play at the Club Saturday morning other alternatives are being looked at and this Junior match may have to be moved – the relevant delegates will be in contact with members affected.

Saturday afternoon comp is also scheduled for play at the Club this Saturday afternoon but at this stage the contractors involved have advised that it may not be necessary to move this match. Again relevant delegates will be in contact with members affected.

This work is being completed with funds allocated to the Club from the Moonee Valley Council recently. The Committee thanks the Moonee Valley Council for allowing this much needed work to be completed and to all members for their cooperation over the weekend. We apologize to those who may have regular hits over the course of weekend and therefore are inconvenienced, however as we are sure everyone can appreciate given the small window of opportunity for such work.

During a recent committee meeting, it was decided that several of the club’s projects that were only made possible due to the funds from the Moonee Valley Council will begin soon. This includes the recovering of the club’s floor with Linoleum and tiles in kitchen area, landscaping work to be done at the rear of the club and the installation of a water tank and pump behind the club house. The redevelopment of the club’s bathrooms is still in the planning stages but will be commencing soon.

The club is also investing in the purchase of new baggers for the club and other projects that will be announced soon.