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New Book a Court System to be installed in July

In exciting news for the Doutta Galla Tennis Club we will soon be installing a new gate access system, which is linked with Tennis Australia’s online court booking software ‘Book a Court’. The system is currently in the process of being installed – you may notice a new black gate on the right-hand side of the clubhouse.

The system will allow both members and casual players to access the venue using their own access PIN, whenever they have a valid booking. The system will also ensure lights automatically turn on for night bookings.

While there will be some changes to how you currently enter the venue, we believe the introduction of this system will be of great benefit to our members and the club:

  • The main changes members will see is that whenever you come to the club for a social hit you will need to have booked the court you wish to play on.
  • During the daytime you will access the club by arriving to the club, entering the PIN you receive online when you book the court and then you will enter as per normal through the front door.
  • During the nighttime you will book the court and when you arrive enter your PIN for the lights to turn on and then enter via the front door.
  • This means your court is pre-booked when you arrive at the club.
  • If you have a visitor or guest, you can pay visitors fee online too!

The system also allows us to open our venue to casual players, which is a great opportunity to grow our club’s revenue to reinvest back into the club’s facilities, programs and members.

In order to book you will need to register with Book a Court, over the weeks you will receive an invitation to register via email. Please ensure you register using the link in the invitation, as this is how the system will recognize you as a member and ensure you receive member access and club pricing for use of lights.

We estimate the installation will take place on July 8th with the system going live sometime after this. Further details will be provided closer to installation on how you will access and book your courts.

Also, further communication will be sent out to team captains especially, night team captions on how the book a court system & lights will need to be amended in cases of finishing early, washouts and forfeits.

We appreciate your support and if you have any questions or require assistance you are welcome to contact us via Email at, the President Aaron Sharpe on 0407 885 012 or the Secretary Tim Benton on 0415 403 237.