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Sign up for NSNTA and NSTA Autumn 2012 Season

Members interested in playing in either the NSNTA (Weeknights) or NSTA (Saturday Afternoons) Competitions are required to place their name on the Sign Up sheets in the Clubhouse as soon as possible, or email the club.

All players must be financial members to be registered for a team in 2012. Unfinancial members will not be registered an are not permitted to play.

The Spring NSNTA Season begins in early February for Ladies, Mixed and Mens competitions. Entries close on Monday November 21st.

The Spring NSTA Season begins on Saturday the 4th of February. There are multiple formats for play, including Mens Singles / Doubles, Mens Doubles and Mixed grades. For more information visit the NSTA Website for more details. Entries close on Wednesday November 30th.