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Cleaning and taking care of the Club Rooms

Dear Members,

I just wanted to mention a small matter that I’d like ALL MEMBERS to take note of please.

Of late there has been a small consistent lack of attention given to how the club rooms at Doutta Galla are being left.

The committee is not pointing the finger at anyone, however we would like ALL MEMBERS to take note of the following please.

  • When at the club, please ensure if you have used a glass/coffee mug or anything else from the kitchen that it is washed and returned to its correct location.
  • All competition players please ensure once competition is over that as a collective everyone helps to clean up the club rooms before leaving – including dishes sweeping of floor, the locking of all gates and doors and the removal of excess rubbish to outsides bins.
  • We ask that Parents of juniors also ensure that if their children are at the club, that they ensure they are aware of putting glasses away after use or help them to do so.

It is not the Committees sole responsibility to look after the condition of the clubrooms – as members of the club it is everyone’s responsibility.

If you are at the club and you see some glasses on the sink or the recycling bin is overflowing, please take a minute – if you have it- to help out, that way everyone helps each other!

Thanks everyone – it’s a small trivial matter but with everyone’s co-operation I’m sure it won’t be an issue.


Doutta Galla Tennis Club Committee