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Summary from the Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

There are 2 important matters that have come from the Club’s recent AGM held at Doutta Galla.

It is with regret that Warren Peters has resigned from the committee of Doutta Galla TC. Having been an important member of the club’s committee for around 15 years Warren has come to find that much of his time these days is taken up with him and his wife Skye looking after their 2  gorgeous daughters Shannyn and Ashley.

Wazz has in his time on committee been treasurer for 2 years, and Vice president for a good 5 years as well.  He has also been a major player in the running of the club championships over a number of years. He has always been of great support to the committee members and has always been willing to help where needed – the 1%’s ! He will continue to help out on selection committee and will always be part of the family at DGTC. Much appreciated.

During the recent AGM the committee unanimously decided to increase membership fees by $10 over all membership categories for 2012/2013.  This will be detailed further on the website in coming weeks. The decision mainly comes from the fact we are heading into a time where the committee’s main focus is on the redevelopment of the courts in coming years.  While the courts have had some significant maintenance on them this year, that has come at a major cost to the club and the focus now must move to ensuring we are taking every step we can to replace the courts in the coming 5-10 years. This will obviously take some hard saving and financial management by the club and we feel that we are taking a responsible course of action to make sure we are ticking all the boxes – as set out in the club’s business plan that was adopted at last year’s AGM. The increase is not a significant one and we hope that members will understand.  We still feel that our membership categories are still very much at an acceptable level compared to other clubs in the area.

If anyone has any queries regarding this matter do not hesitate to contact myself.


Aaron Sharpe
Doutta Galla Tennis Club