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Juniors Spring 2013 Grand Final Results

Commiserations to the Club’s D Special 3 Unisex Team who were unfortunately defeated in last Saturday’s Grand Final.

The Team, consisting of Adele, Jared, Matthew and Callum, with Christine supporting the Team in reserve,  played very well and even though they put up a great fight, were defeated by Maribyrnong Park by 12 games. Congratulations to the entire Team for making the Grand Final after finishing second on the ladder.

The D Special 3 Unisex Team were the only Doutta Galla Team to make lucky enough to make the Juniors Finals, with the A Reserve 2 Mixed, C Grade 1 Unisex and D Grade 1 Unisex Teams having good seasons but missing out.

Thanks to all Players for playing this Season and to all Parents for assisting and supporting the Teams during the Year. We look forward to next season which will commence in early February.