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Author: Michael Mann

DGTC Junior Teams All Through To Grand Final

Today, Saturday 3rd Dec, our 3rd and final junior team made it through to the Grand Final next week for the NSJTA!

Next week (10th Dec) the teams will be playing at the following venues.

C Special 1 – Delahey.

This team has come from 4th place on the ladder to beat 2nd and 3rd to go through to the Grand Final!!

D Grade 1 – Maribyrnong Park

Finished 2nd and beat team 1 in the Semi Finals last week!!

D Grade 2 Unisex – Royal Park

First season playing comp and dominated all season. Finished 1st and straight through to the Grand Final.

Congratulations to everyone involved and  we wish everyone the best of luck next week! You’ve all represented DGTC incredibly!!!

DGTC Junior Committee