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Author: Aaron Sharpe


Hi everyone,

This coming Sunday the 7th of July @ 7:30pm is the Annual General Meeting in the clubhouse.

All are welcome and I encourage members to come down and get some insight into the last 12 months and how the club runs from the inside!

This year is very important as there may be a few committee members stepping aside and if there are any members who are interested in becoming part of the committee, we encourage this too.  Sometimes a fresh view or different take on how things work is a good thing.

There really isn’t a lot of work that goes into being part of the committee, for a small club it is pretty well maintained, so don’t be afraid!

We look forward to hopefully seeing a few of you down at the club.

Aaron Sharpe


Doutta Galla reaches best practises “GAME” level with Tennis Victoria!

As part of the club’s continued development, the committee recently approved a business plan “working document” which takes us from 2011 – 2016 – with a more defined direction as to where the club is heading.

The business plan makes up a small part of a program which i have been undertaking in conjunction with Tennis Victoria called GAME / SET/ MATCH – best practises guidelines.

I received confirmation today that the Doutta Galla Tennis Club has successfully completed the GAME level of the GAME / SET / MATCH program.

In doing so Doutta Galla becomes one of less than 50 Clubs in Victoria to reach the GAME level.

The club will receive a certificate of recognition to put in the clubhouse and a “lock up” logo (our logo and Tennis Victoria logo together) for use by the club.

It is another step in the development of our club.

The GAME level consists of a number of different criteria the club must meet.  Examples include – a business plan, club constitution, code of conduct – to as little as ensuring a first aid kit is on site  at the club.

The document will be made available for members to view at the club in coming weeks.