The Northern Suburban Tennis Association Competitions

The Doutta Galla Tennis Club has many teams in many different competitions, all are available to members.

Night Competition

Doubles competition played on weeknights. Ladies play on a Tuesday night, Mixed play on a Wednesday night and Men play on a Thursday night. Matches start from 7:00pm. Players play in three sets each with different partners. Seasons are played in Autumn and Spring. For more information please visit the NSNTA website.

Saturday Afternoon Competition

A mixed doubles competition played from 1:00pm on a Saturday Afternoon. Three women and three men play three sets of doubles each. Seasons are played in Summer and Winter. For more information please visit the NSTA website.

Midweek Ladies

A ladies only doubles competition played on a Thursday. Four Ladies per team play three sets each starting from 1:00pm. Seasons are played in Autumn and Spring.


Competition for boys and girls under the age of 17, both doubles and singles can be played depending on the team’s grade. Played on a Saturday Morning, but a competition can be scheduled to play on a Friday Night by the Association.

Tennis Victoria Pennant

A Melbourne wide competition played between clubs affiliated with Tennis Victoria. For more information please visit our Pennant Page. The Season is played over winter.